"To create better health in a living system,
connect it to more of itself."
Meg Wheatley

Polly Gets a Cracker – a conversation about 
crop circles with farmer, Polly Carson, in 
Wiltshire, England – July 6, 2001

(52 minutes) 
.  Bitten by foot and mouth.
 In 1990, Polly's farm gets
   the first pictogram.
 Will we ever see the circlemakers?
 Bringing us in touch with our ancient roots.
 Hoaxing muddies the waters.

The Power of One with Suzanne's 
friends, Simon Peter Fuller and Barbara Lamb

(60 minutes) 
.  Where did we come from?
 What one person can do.
 A map of consciousness.
 The Internet as a global brain.

A Luncheon with Madam X 
(52 minutes) 
.  Gail Bates shares her story
   of the culture of Eternal Beings.

Crop Circle Conversation with Francine Blake 
(45 minutes) 
.  Colin Andrews muddles the picture
   with hoaxing tales.
 Can Goldie Hawn turn the
   world around?

Taking Care of the Vehicle 
A Conversation with Pennell Rock 
on the Body and Health 

(36 minutes) 
.  What is Yoga?
 Principles for diet and exercise.
 Fasting to purify.

A Conversation About True Power 
with Lex Hixon and Georgia Lambert 

(Part One: 52 minutes) 
(Part Two: 53 minutes) 
.  Bringing heaven to earth.
 Meditation as an ordinary state.
 All true spiritual paths
  compliment each other.
 Training the form.
 From seeker to disciple.

Suzanne reads Brian Swimme's 
The Universe is a Green Dragon 

(6 Parts, Approximately 60 minutes each) 
.  Brian's books transport you.
 They may be the most important
   works ever written.

The Democratization of Enlightenment 
A Conversation with Jim Dreaver and Peter Russell

(52 minutes) 
.  Sorting out quantum physics.
 Enlightenment as a way –
   not a destination.
 An experience of the core insight.

After "Awakening" is "Service" 
(18 minutes) 
.  The grip of duality.
 Elements of the New Story.
 Intention as key.

Split Mind and Whole Mind 
(43 minutes) 
.  A Course in Miracles.
 Making the world up.
 The Second Coming.

Favorite Dreams for the New Millennium 
(30 minutes) 
.  A resort for thinking people.
 Crop circles go public.
 The world observes a daily minute of silence.

Sisterly Schmoozing About Women and Courage 
A Conversation With Author, Katherine Martin 
(45 minutes) 
.  Mirroring as empowerment.
 Keeping your vision.
 Making courageous women into a force.
 Circles for solutions.

Who Am I? Tracking with Poonja-ji 
(25 minutes) 

.  Tuning in – the Master is yourSelf.
 Practicing to be yourSelf?
 Meditating every moment – Play.
 The enlightened community.

Everyday God: Tuning into the Divine 
(30 minutes)  
.  What is "It?"
 Beauty and perfection as doorways.
 Questions about Proust; Answers
   from Brian Swimme.

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Upon this gifted age, in its dark hour,
Rains from the sky a meteoric shower
Of facts...they lie unquestioned, uncombined.
Wisdom enough to leech us of our ill
Is daily spun, but there exists no loom
To weave it into fabric...

-Edna St. Vincent Millay-

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