This WAY OF BEING is based on direct observation. (It is not a projection of ideals, or an attempt to solve physical or material problems, or to create wealth, or to possess power.) It is a personal submission to the great way, not in defeat, but in LOVE, as recognition of the great strength, power, and wisdom.

Its purpose is to serve Being, by bringing into awareness and putting into practice, the sacred responsibility of caring for its growth.

We know that in order to take good care of something, we need to be sensitive to its needs. We must also have some idea of the purpose which is expressing itself in the form of these needs.

So, before we speak of caring for Being, we might ask, "What is the purpose of Being?"

Observation only reveals that Being is change. So, perhaps what we can honestly say is that all we really know of its purpose is this changing. As Human Beings we have a choice. We can embrace this changing, or we can fight against it.

I call this changing process growth, as a reminder that Being is a living thing. Being, growth and health are one and the same. The way of Being is caring for its growth, and health is a reflection of its quality.

Growth is the natural state of Being, but the quality of its health encompasses great extremes. It can be restricted and stifled, or it can be forced and strained. But both of these efforts actually weaken it. The strongest, most powerful and long lasting growth occurs naturally, without any manipulation whatsoever. For this reason, it is so important to allow growth its own time.

In reference to guiding growth to produce an envisioned result – even a beneficial result – this is actually weakening, too. Being determines its own way, and takes its own form in its own greatest strength, when its incomprehensible wisdom is trusted and allowed. But this is not to imply that an individual has no part or responsibility in growth. The exact opposite is true. The kind of allowing that is required is so subtle that constant vigilance is necessary. One's senses must be kept open and receptive, in order to be as responsive as possible to the unique stimulus of each moment. But at the same time, one must not interfere or distort the will of wholeness by becoming disconnected from it in selfishness. This is one practical reason why many spiritual teachings urge us to reach beyond the limitations of our personal point of view.

Being naturally cares for the needs of each and every distinction of its parts, but it has such an unexpected way of doing this that its care also contains the subtle teaching of its own nature. Through conscious practice, it nurtures and feeds itself by giving and receiving. Neither of these can be practiced to the exclusion of the other. Both are important and necessary. In this way it trains us to be attentive, and to serve it willingly and responsibly. One becomes its trusted and reliable servant.

The senses of perception, intuition, reflection, and feeling of all kinds are highly refined capabilities, and are invaluable when used with the skill of experience. This must be said because, as a culture, we have been taught to distrust and invalidate this realm of experience, and to rely only on the proof of rational, intellectual and logical thought. But the senses are actually a direct connection, and a way of "understanding" that which is not rational. They teach when they are recognized and honored, and they grow as they are used.

Actually, every ability and talent of our form is a part of purpose. And, it seems that purpose in our lives has to do with their integration – allowing Being the ever greater and clearer expression of its way.

There are many things that can interfere with this way, but the main one is simply ignorance.

The value and wisdom of this kind of growth is not common knowledge. So an integrated awareness of the way to allow Being must be learned and practiced. Learning is found on every sincere path, and our lives are our sacred practice.

Being is One, so an obvious example of this practice is to treat oneself and the other with the same sensitivity and quality care. There cannot be strong and healthy growth of one and not the other.

All is One and grows as One.

It is for this reason that compassion is considered important, and why judgment is considered as something to be avoided. Compassion opens the heart, allowing energy to naturally flow, resulting in strong growth. Judgment is essentially a refusal to accept what is. It creates a kind of friction which restricts the flow of energy and weakens growth. The practices of extending compassion and refraining from judgment lead to a greater unity in awareness, and a greater ease in Being, so these are important in caring for the Whole.

There can be great difficulty when it is realized that the opening which is necessary for giving and receiving is also an open door for negative energy. But this is really a blessing in disguise, because it forces one to find the strength of an even deeper understanding. The awareness that includes both positive and negative in its growth is truly whole and allows one to serve in wholeness. From this point of view, it can be seen that all kinds of energy are food for growth, and that which we commonly react to with a negative interpretation (insult, disrespect, disagreement, pain, hardship, etc.) are really lessons for us. When we rise to meet the challenge, we are automatically embodying every available resource of our Being. This is the way Being naturally integrates itself. When this is seen and understood, we can be more relaxed in the process, and even learn to experience it with appreciation.

The wisdom and knowing of Being speaks to us in all the ways it grows. And the natural sensitivity within ourselves, which we nurture through our practice, can sense and understand it just by being it and noticing it. Over time, a trust grows and a skill develops. Then the practice of flowing with it, of allowing it to determine itself and make of us an ever more understanding, sensitive, and responsive part of it, becomes a service. But all along, no matter at what stage we may find ourselves, we are truly practicing our sacred responsibility as living creatures. And this practice is ultimately the essence of value and meaning. It has no goal and it has no end. It arises out of LOVE, as the expression of Being itself. It satisfies itself in its own Being.

Our senses do naturally guide us in this direction. My own sensing of a need has prompted me to write down these thoughts, which originally grew out of my own need and practice. They are meant to nurture the growing awareness. Not to be rigid rules. Being is the great teacher. These notes are a report of steps taken along the way of Being.


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Upon this gifted age, in its dark hour,
Rains from the sky a meteoric shower
Of facts...they lie unquestioned, uncombined.
Wisdom enough to leech us of our ill
Is daily spun, but there exists no loom
To weave it into fabric...

-Edna St. Vincent Millay-

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