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Surfed onto your site via the Non Duality Salon. I loved the interviews with Lex Hixon (what a cool dude he was!) and Richard Moss, who was an important teacher of mine 1980-82. In 1984 I met Jean Klein, and his influence was, literally, mind blowing. I am an author, healer, and speaker (or at least that's what this body/mind does!) and wanted to let you know about my new book, "THE WAY OF HARMONY: Walking the Inner Path to Balance, Happiness, and Success" (Avon Books), which fuses spiritual East with practical West.

Filled with practical tools and inspiring stories, the book outlines a clear and direct path to non dual awakening within the context of health, relationships, parenting, work, creativity, money, and all the other challenges of daily life. A taste .....

"Enlightenment is seeing that you are not your story. The world you've created inside your head doesn't really exist, except as a fabrication in your mind." (p 5)

"Don't get so bound up in words and concepts that you get mentally constipated." (p 42)

"Beauty is love made visible." (p 82)

"Humanity will come together when everyone practices the religion of the heart." (p 85)

"The master knows that he or she is always a student, whereas the student still hopes someday to be a master." (p 114)

"Love is the desire to understand another." (p 125)

"If more people realized what a beautiful relationship they could have with themselves, they wouldn't remain in unfulfilling relationships." (p 149)

"Don't complain. Complaining only reinforces the feeling that you're a victim. It disempowers you." (p 159)

"You access extraordinary power when you take a stand." (p 167)

"No one can compete with you when you're being yourself." (p 171)

"If you can shape it in your mind, you will find it in your life." (p 175)

"Develop the consciousness of life's fundamental goodness and abundance first, and then the money can come to you." (p 203)

"Honor the past, keep an eye on the future, but stay firmly grounded in the present." (p 225)

"When you bring a clear and loving consciousness to your relationships, your work, and your creative endeavors, miracles happen." (p 246)

"The proof that you're on the right path is that living starts to become more effortless." (p 251)

You can view the cover (stunning artwork, rich in both Eastern and Western spiritual motifs) – and read more, if you wish – by clicking on my Website.

Many readers have written to me or told me personally it is the clearest book they have read on how to balance the spiritual and the material. My 75 year old "unspiritual" semi-retired corporate executive father in New Zealand said, "While I was reading it, I wasn't thinking that this was a book written by my son, but by a guy who knows what he is talking about. It has the ring of truth. I am very impressed." I thought that was pretty cool!

Well, you are me, even though you'd not know to look at us. I wonder if the Mount Madonna retreat I did with Jean Klein was the same one you mentioned being at on your Website. Seems to me mine was earlier, but if he only did one, we were there together. I've still got a stack of copies of "Ease of Being" in the favorite books that I make available to folk. Once you get on this wavelength, you know you're home, and Jean was one of the early people who tuned me into it.

It is so delicious to meet oneself in another. I love all your quotes and everything on your Web site. Did you see the material about Yukio on mine? An Advaita teacher sent out by Papa-ji, the hour I spent with him guiding me to my core insight, as you would say, gives me the touchstone to know that I'm not in and out of awareness. I'm sometimes ruffled, but am watching from a place that never changes. I had the idea way before – back to Jean Klein – but the shift into it came during that hour with Yukio.

Lex was a one of a kind. Since he left – I think it's 4 years now – I've never been able to fill the hole, and feel like I must be here to deliver some continuation of him. He was a major being, and being looked in the eye by such a one – even told, "you lead," because it was time for the feminine – was another big piece for me coming into myself.

The one thing I didn't see on your site was mention of the value we represent to one another. Not time for cave dwelling As happened for me with Lex, the recognition of each other is fuel for the recognition of ourselves. As my teacher of the Wisdom, Bailey style, used to say, "You can't go to God alone anymore; you have to go in a group." A bit dramatic, but even as it is our personal responsibility to wake ourselves up, I think we were not put here to take the journey alone. Hence "mighty companions." How we merge our fields is not obvious in this world acculturated to separation, and I'm always looking for ways and means. Love to hear how that sort of thing goes for you, and if you are looking for allies.

I'll be out of town for your talk at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore this month, but will send out the word to the Advaita community. I'll be in Palm Desert (will send you a separate email about a woman named Alea, who is the draw that's getting me to the desert – maybe you might be drawn, too).

Great to hear from you, Suzanne! Synchronistic, the Jean Klein connection. I just got back from our bimonthly "friends of Jean Klein" gathering. Just a dozen of us, some knew him twenty years ago. We sit for a while in silence, share recollections of Jean, read a bit, dialogue about whatever, then have a potluck.

I just read the material on Yukio. My ex-wife lives in Boulder and did some work with him. She thought he was very clear. Certainly sounds it. One of scores, it seems, Poonja sent out into the world. Of course, he ended up disowning the first one, Andrew Cohen. Ah, well, politics and personalities infiltrate the spiritual realm as much as any other!

Your comments about my site not mentioning the value we represent to each other was interesting. I think I speak more about that in the book. The fact is we are all players on the one team, cells in the one body, reflections of the one true Self, but it seems that we have to come to that realization by first diving into this individual "person" we take ourselves to be. Ultimately, it's a solo job, in the sense that we have to face ourselves alone. But, the paradox is that in doing that, we discover our oneness with all of humanity, indeed all of existence.

At least, this is how I am seeing it, and maybe you are trying to say something that I am not quite hearing. Please feel free to continue to dialogue on this. One thing seems definite to me, and that is that the old hierarchical structure is out, and there truly is a democratization of enlightenment happening. That's what I like about the Internet – the networking, the extending outward in all directions, interconnecting. It is very democratic, though inevitably there are points of light that are brighter, clear, and attract more interest. When we feel lost in the dark, a point of light is always attractive.

Alea sounds like an interesting being to hang with. Interestingly, my "hanging" days seem a thing of the past, except for little bits here and there. Too many books to write, workshops to teach, a son to raise into adulthood...

I admire your commitment to merging and connecting, and yes, I am definitely open to allies. After all, the more of us that reach out and embrace one another, the more harmony we'll have in the world.

How enviable to have a Klein fan club. That guy really was something – although easier to read than to be with. Slow going. I feel so lucky to have stumbled across him when I really didn't know the world he was speaking from – but, then again, maybe I did. I've always been drawn to that vibration – from the me of me – whether I understood the draw or not, early on. Now I see the connections. The other early-on teacher I discovered is another one who is little known, but those who do know are enamored. Unfortunately, he had departed in 1981, before I got to him, but I've got books (transcriptions of dialogues) and audio and video tapes. Did you ever come across Dr. Kaushik? A medical doctor, too. Funny, Richard Moss was a doctor, also, wasn't he? Is there something to this aspect of things worth noting? It's one of the last professions in the world I could imagine for myself – yuck on blood and guts.

About Yukio, he himself still has things to clear up, but his guiding is superb. And I like his personality. He's a good buddy.

Didn't mean to insinuate that you could get to "it" through one another before you got there yourself. However, as you play in the territory, there's something invaluable about doing it in good company. Speeds up the capacity to own the space rather than feel like you just visit it. And yes, it's not about sitting at anyone's feet now, although I also see the value in that. Not the way for these times, though. In fact, some of the Poonja people, and others out there in the Advaita world doing satsangs, seem to me too much in that separated energy for my taste. There's an Advaita community here in LA that excited me when I first found it, through my association with Yukio, when he took his trip beyond Boulder into my living room, two or three summers ago – can't remember now. I got so excited that I put out writing under the heading "The Great LA Wake-Up," where, as many Advaita teachers all of a sudden flooded the city, I thought we'd grow the community to take over the world. But not so. It stays at about the same level, as people dutifully sit at the feet of one teacher after another. All attempts, when I was doing my year of Yukio hosting, to build a community that would enjoy each other when he wasn't around, were not successful. It was disappointing – so much tamer than what I envision. I salivate for the enlightened community. The current model I'm looking at is what I talk about on the WebRadio show I just finished, "Favorite Dreams for the New Millennium". Here's the paragraph I've been sending around about it:

With no Y2K disaster to mop up, my thoughts have been drifting to an old idea – one of those things that puts a lot of loose ends together. Does a resort for thinking people do anything to you? No workshops, but lots of outstanding thinkers – round tables on live radio, caught on audio and video tape, beaming out to the world, while people like us have a place to go to have FUN. Having been married into the Grossinger family, I can attest to how wonderful it is to have a house in the country on the grounds of a place where, if you don't want to cook in your kitchen, you call room service. And the thought of people I love having their houses there, too, makes my little heart go pitter patter.
Yes, the Internet opens up the possibility of finding each other. Guidance I've gotten is that my team is 8 people or so, none in LA. I don't count on it, but do keep my eyes open.

Just wanted to know you inspired me to take a look at the tone of my new book (proposal) – about the art of living fearlessly – which is about to go to my agent. It was written in the "you" style – i.e. me, the author, telling you, the reader, the way it is. After your comments I felt this urge to change it to "we" – as in, "We're all in this together." It makes for a much warmer and better book. Thanks!

Synchronicity city! I was really into Dr. Kaushik's books in the late seventies, early eighties and heard him speak here in Santa Rosa twice. Tall, thin, austere man in the Krishnamurti mode, with more emphasis on the body, as he was a doctor. During his last few years he talked a lot about our potential for immortality – actual physical immortality. So, when he dropped dead of a heart attack at the age of 50, it was a shock, such that I wanted to reject all his teachings. But finally resolved it by realizing that no teacher is perfect – even Jean Klein talked about perfect health being the natural expression of a fully awakened person, and his health was awful during his last few years. In fact it taught me that there are no guarantees.

Yes, Richard Moss is an MD and used to practice.

Did you ever hear Robert Adams give satsang? Lex spoke highly of him.

I am increasingly enjoying meeting the divine as it is expressed in every human being I encounter. We are all manifestations of the one energy, the one consciousness. The more of us that see that, the better for all of us.

The beat goes on. How sweet. In 1996, I passed around about a dozen copies of "Light of Exploration," hoping to interest high-minded people in a dialogue to cement an alignment, but nobody wanted to play. I keep getting that alignment is my piece. Thought you might like to see my letter that went with the copies of the book:

I recently had the thrill of rediscovering an old love, who has even more to say to me now. I consider this particular book of his, which is enclosed, a sacred text. After about two pages, I find myself in the altered state I want always to be in.

Dr. R. P. Kaushik was a Western educated medical doctor from India, who died in 1981. He was a philosopher in the original sense of the word – one who loves truth. His life was a continuous exploration, beyond the mind's conditioned responses and beliefs, into the nature and expression of wholeness. Students of his loved him very much, and continue to publish his books, which are dialogues with them.

I'm sending this to you for your perusal, asking that you send it back to me, to be in my hands when I return on August 22, so I can send it out again. If you want to make copies, you can circulate them – we have the publisher's permission. I've bought the last few books in stock, and when I return will think about assisting with a reprinting.

This book is being sent now as an experiment to see if it can be a turnstile for entry into "a conversation for alignment," where we weave the new togetherness that we are becoming. I hope that in sharing re-defining materials, the people I know and love, to whom this book is going, will be swept into a reality that becomes the core of the new togetherness.

I see Light of Exploration as a manual for ridding ourselves of everything that limits us. Does it thrill you, too? How about writing something, short or long, in response? Let's see what I get from round one, which could include sending in maps of reality of yours or anyone else's. If what comes in is pithy, I'll sort through and send material back out so we keep the conversation developing. I have a web site under construction, and obviously the future lies there. In fact, if you can email me your comments and materials it will be much easier for me to work with them even now.

There's something called the Reality Club, which has this motto: "To arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves." Our room will be virtual. Good minds are out there. Hopefully this magic book will connect with that deepest knowing in you and that you will find the attraction of our engagement irresistible.

To taking the next step in consciousness together,
Alea tunes in so completely to a Divine essence in everyone, it's like being with God. Glowy for all. Enchantment is her work Not the usual hanging out...

I went to hear Robert Adams with Lex. Didn't like the personality. Sort of dead.

Yeah, you're right about him. I have a tape of his and he does sound kind of dead. But I love his teaching, his truth, all the same! So right on. And so what if he wasn't the most animated. Fact was, he was THERE. I quote him in WOH: "When you wake up, the world no longer has power over you." Beautiful.

Yes, it comes in all flavors. Can't judge a book by its covers. No argument that Robert Adams was awake. But the group energy around him seemed dead to me, too. Hmmmm.

What a rich banquet of overflowing abundance you are! (That's a mouthful in itself!). You are a wonderfully writer by the way, very clear, eloquent, to the point, and so much passion and enthusiasm. The email about my talk sounds great. Thanks for sending it on.

Re "Light of Exploration." Was that the piece they did right now the end, a kind of bio, where Dr. Kaushik talked about his heart attack, how people didn't normally live longer than ten years after having one (premonitory), and his enlightenment? I loved that, but cannot put my hands on it right now.

Thanks for the compliments. Yearning for my carass.

"Light of Exploration" is a little slim volume with a yellow cover that's subtitled, "Talks on Meditation."

I listened to the tape of the talk you just did at the Bodhi Tree. I thought the beginning was brilliant. I've never heard anybody do a job like you did of presencing everyone in the sacred. Every word rang true and it was an easy ride to Nirvana. This is a very potent thing you do, and I'd like somehow to spread it around. You'll see an email I'm copying to you with an attempt...

After that, the talk was all the right stuff, but I wonder about whether it's the best stuff to talk about. If the audience is new to the game, it would be wonderful. If not, it's very familiar. I don't have any strong inclinations about alternatives, but some things that come to mind are the story about your little boy, which is so dear, and something on Jean Klein and Dr. Kaushik, who are people who aren't sainted or diapered, but are role models because they are more like everyone else. Everyone can get this, and these guys were showing the way.

Thanks for the feedback and positive support. Funny, how different people perceive us. "Presencing everyone in the sacred" was new! Would like to chat more about what the "rest of the stuff" should be, or at least how it might be improved. Anyway, I take your comments about stories about Adam (who is 15 now), Jean Klein, etc., into account. In terms of actual learning and transformation, it seems to me the dialogue process is important, powerful even, especially when that feeling of energy/presence is there too.

Alea sounds awesome.

What's your characterization of what I called "presencing in the sacred?" Nice to compare notes on what is going on.

Dialogue is wonderful. I was wondering if there was an aspect to your presentation in which you were educating people to what they already knew. Next question is what to do with people who are ready for more. Lots of Advaita teachers come through now, and there's an audience for all of them – same people who enjoy sitting in the juice. But I wonder what's after that. What is there to be done when we sit in a circle?

As for Alea, she is the most wondrous. We're just waiting for what emerges, hoping she will stay with us in something on the order of a small retreat center that I'd look to acquire. Am ready for that myself, as are some of my favorite allies. What a wonderful gathering place it would be for like hearts and souls in the presence that Alea is. My take on reality is that we have reached a plateau – and more people are reaching it all the time – where we've got the idea of "I am that," but we're still mired. Things seems stuck. No passion, no community, much hunger for more. Although it sounds far-fetched, I see Alea possibly being the catalyst to get us through the next door.

I love getting your emails! You are a wonderful writer – so much passion, juice, and very clear, too. I feel honored by your suggestion to invite some people over to your house when we meet.

Your term "presencing the sacred" is lovely. I typically call it "tuning in to the Energy," or "getting connected to the spiritual presence that is our true nature," but I think I like your term a lot!

Yes, what is next? Definitely, to sit in the juice, to feel the Energy, to open up to it, to allow it to move through us, doing its healing, renewing, and transforming work. What is to be done when sitting in the circle? My immediate sense is nothing needs to be done. You say more and more people are getting the idea that "I am that" but they are still mired, no passion, no community. My interest is in finding that place, probing into it, where we still feel mired. Also, in being together, probing, exploring, confronting the residues of self/ego that still get in the way, we come to even deeper levels of freedom. And, out of that freedom, individually we get clarity about the next step, and as a group/community we get clarity.

A personal example... What I have been dealing with lately is how to really connect with more people and share this wonderful Energy that we are. Well, my work over the past couple of years has been seeing and getting the last, obstructive vestiges of "self/ego" out of the way. It's the, "Oh, look at me, now I'm enlightened" syndrome – the "stink of enlightenment" as they call it in Zen – that has to be seen through. Anyway, as I have been developing a little more genuine humility (about time, Dreaver!), things have been opening up. The next step is happening. Book signings, radio interviews, magazine reviews...and, right at the top of the list, meeting you!

What a wonderful light and being you are. You evidently have such a natural gift, or flair, for meeting and introducing people to each other, and bringing these wonderful beings – like Alea – into your circle. I look forward to meeting her myself.

Anyway, I too look forward to whatever is next, and especially to getting to know you. I feel there is a sacred movement happening here, and you are steering the way for a lot of people.

A vision I've held for a long time is getting together with groups of CEO's and other high-level executives and leaders, and sharing the teaching and the Energy with them, showing them how the timeless wisdom can transform their lives, and give them an inner richness no amount of outer success can ever buy. If we start turning CEOs and government leaders onto this, then we'll see even more social change.

You say the nicest things. It's mutual. Am mulling over some ideas to focus an exchange between people like you and me, who find it so satisfying to be in touch. I always have thought that the fundamental action is aligning. "The Herringbone Project" is the last time I took something like that on. Love the thought of CEO's – if I get really lucky and am able to put a retreat center together (at its largest manifestation, where commerce rather than funding pays its way, it's "a resort for thinking people"), I'd see people like you and Alea and Yukio tuning everyone in. Put me in touch with any power players you may know who dream of a place to convene.

Gosh, I feel my cup running over. You are a great magnet for really interesting people, and I feel very grateful to have connected with you.

I am focused right now on a new book proposal, about living fearlessly. Who is the Grossinger family? I am assuming some wealthy LA dynasty that you married into and then got divorced from and hopefully came out with lots of moolah. Well, the house anyway!

Yes, the fundamental action is aligning. I think it happens more easily as we get out own ego/self out of the way, which, for us teacher/writer types, is always a challenge! I've had my ego-bouts over the last couple of years, but I think I am learning a little humility now. Being ordinary ain't so bad.

I feel good energy moving. I really take my hat off to you, and what you are doing.

Grossinger's was the grand dame of a chain of hotels in the Catskill mountains, where New Yorkers went for the weekend. It's a bygone era now, but most Americans know about it. A lot of comedians and singers who became famous would go up and work hotel after hotel on weekends. The hotels were different from what's available today – very friendly and playful. My husband's sister was married to the scion of the Grossinger family. My ex-husband was a TV comedy writer and then a producer and director. He was the story editor on the old Dick van Dyke show (with Mary Tyler Moore) and created and produced Marlo Thomas's show, "That Girl." Don't know if you're up on American TV, but these were classics. Hes a very funny guy.

What I like about what you're doing is that you are a real person. Not holier than thou. I think God has to come down to something ordinary – that we'd feel the connection if we hadn't gotten born into a culture that is so cut off from the sacred. We keep trying to get to this distant holy place, when it's here now. I think you're a great figure to represent that "everyday God" that we all need.

I've sent this out to my email list:


Wanted to let you know about Suzanne Taylor's WebRadio show, Making Sense of These Times: Reflections of the Divine. I just listened and she is great to listen to. A very clear and insightful woman who has hung out with people like Lex Hixon, Richard Moss, Willis Harman, Ram Dass, and Andrew Weil. I especially resonate with her idea of moving beyond old hierarchical models of spirituality and into more community. The show is being featured on grit.net.

That is sooooo nice. It warms my heart.

We need to do a radio thing together. Let's see if it falls into place when you're here. Will be getting an invite out in email in the next couple of days.

It feels like this resonance of ours is the new reality. Everyday God as it maybe can be in this hall of mirrors called life.

Thanks for that wonderful quote from Lex that was in the email to Yasuhiko Kimura that you copied to me. God, what a great guy he must have been. Great Swan is one of my favorite books, by the way. He really captured the spiritual ambience that I imagine must have been around Ramakrishna. Makes it very real, alive. I love the chapter about the two "dry" advaitins!

I think the "democratization of enlightenment" as I like to call it, is the wave of the future. We will come together, share our perspectives, and delight in the relating. Someone asked Jean Klein once, "What if everyone in the world got enlightened?" and he replied, "Why, then there would only be dancing!"

I like the Buddha's definition of enlightenment as being "the end of suffering." If there is still some suffering (around health, relationships, money, work, or whatever) then there is still some degree of identification going on – or, as the advaitins call it, avidya, ignorance of one's true nature. It is an interesting thing for me now, to speak before a group, or to facilitate a group event, and create a space where we can just dance, play, and celebrate – and, when needed or appropriate, explore or probe those areas where identification/suffering still exists.

Lex was renowned for "capturing the spiritual ambiance" of every scene he wrote about. The reviewers always noted that.

Ah yes, dancing it would be. "Democratization of enlightenment" sounds like something I would say – maybe have said. "Everyday God" feels like the new story we're coming into. Just reflecting today on a a tricky part of it. Have been anxious about the next contact with someone who recently created a questionable money deal with me and hasn't responded to my emails or faxes asking him to discuss some evidence that it was dicey. Today I found my straight-shooter – I left a voice mail about strong action I would take, and it must be how flat I felt that got me a return call and a reasonable conversation. It took me till now to be able to make contact without my fear-based shrew or victim speaking. Don't know if this makes sense without more data, or is interesting even if it does make sense, but brandishing the sword from a dispassionate place is what's up today. It's easy to stay high in high company, but of course that's not what always is in the movie.

Did you say earlier you had a fascination/love with crop circles? I just saw a program on The Learning Channel about some large crop circles in New Zealand (my country of origin) that were made – over six hours – by three guys who say this is what they do. It's their art form. Anyway, to me, ever the skeptic when it comes to UFOs, etc. (though always open to seeing one) it made a lot of sense. You probably have a different take on it.

The only important consideration in the crop circle universe is about the ones we are not making. What I like about attending to this phenomenon is how cut and dried the otherworldliness of it is. The formations are the evidence, and everyone can study them. Anyone who is paying attention knows there is an inexplicable source. Then what?

The place I like to send people who think the circles are all hoaxed is http://home.clara.net/lovely/milkhill97.html.

I've got a page on my site about the circles (with a link to the above). Have a look.

Will check out crop circle sites. I have to admit, they have always fascinated me. Like, wow, how did THEY get there!

The connection I gave you to the crop circles is very trippy, too. No one who sees this Web page can continue to dismiss the phenomenon. It's another part of retelling of the tale we are in.

I hope we will be inspired to something when you are visiting L.A. on the 12th. There is some movement that I can taste that is ahead. A key may be what I've picked up from Alea – that waking up is just the precursor to the service that we are here for – as in, "After you wake up, what then?" She is very trippy – like Jesus teaching in parables, where hers come from re-telling Bible tales. I guarantee that you've never met anyone like her, and I hope she continues to deliver, because we all will benefit. If there's a new tale to be told, of the servant hero, we could be spreading it.

It was so wonderful to be with you. A great evening, and then, what a day. It was perfect that Peter Russell was here to sit in with us on our WebRadio show. With you both in the Bay area, I think you could be good friends.

I'm editing our show now. That was fun. You are so good. Let's create a retreat center that we live at and broadcast from! Someone put me in touch with friends who run the Whalewatch Inn back East.

Here's what the innkeeper said in an email to me...yes!
Firstly, people come to inns to relax and get away from their daily life. I find that if the innkeeper can create a fantasy world where the guest feels indulged, he or she will attract people. As you know, people are so involved in the business of living they forget (or ignore!) what it means to relax.

People love to be indulged...feel special. The more decadent the better. Fine amenities, chocolate, champagne, thick towels, plump pillows, luxurious bed linens are all attractions: things that people look for and will pay for.

In addition, people like to get away to do things they like to do. Perhaps, your idea fills a special niche.
Am still thinking about other moves...

I have been in dialogue with Mariana Caplan, who wrote a book called Halfway up the Mountain: The Error of Premature Claims to Enlightenment. She interviews a lot of teachers, including Andrew Cohen. She actually did a great job with the book. In a recent email to me, she expressed her reservations about the Advaita path, that is she wonders if it doesn't detach one too much from humanity. I thought you might find my response to her interesting, especially in light of your recent insights into service. Here it is:

"I empathize with your feelings about those on the Advaita path. There is often a certain dryness that is evident in such people. Here's my take on your questions, based on my experience. When we see through the illusion of 'me and my story' there definitely is a freedom from psychological and emotional fear. Nevertheless, there are always fragments or residues of ego left. I don't see how anyone can function in the world without an ego. Saying, 'I must go and pick up the kids' is the ego – but the ego as an instrument in service to the being, an ego free of all the psychoemotional qualifications.

"Anyway, usually what happens is that when, through the Advaita approach, an individual wakes up, one of these fragments then creeps back in and says something like, 'Oh boy, now I am enlightened.' Sometimes it says, 'That makes me special,' or 'God, I don't need anyone or anything.' Or, as you point, the individual can then go and do things, like sleeping around, and truly feel no guilt or shame. After all, who is there to be guilty and ashamed?

"In my own case, a friend pointed out to me recently that he felt I was still attached to my story about 'my enlightenment.' Those were not his exact words, but it seemed that's what he was saying Anyway, after looking at it, I felt he was right. Some months ago, as I was reflecting on the negative feedback I was getting from certain people, and why I was getting it (I get a lot of positive feedback, but the positive doesn't necessarily teach us anything new about ourselves), I realized that ever since I was young, I had had a strong need for attention, recognition, validation. A lot of what I had done in my life was to fulfill that need – not totally, but the need was there. I think, at some level, in addition to really wanting to be free, I thought, 'Okay, I'll get enlightened. That'll show them!'

"Anyway, in sitting with this whole matter, it is as if I have dropped into a more expansive and solid place of just being. Just being present as the awareness, the consciousness, we all fundamentally are. And, in that awareness I notice – at least over the past week that this shift has been happening – that I am naturally more available to people, naturally a better listener, probably because I am no longer thinking about my 'self,' how to communicate the message, how others may be receiving it, etc.

"So, this is something new and it feels right. Jean Klein used to say it was important to live one's understanding. The understanding, from the Advaita perspective, is that there is no 'person' to be enlightened. To really live THAT understanding, I am now discovering, is the new challenge. It feels very new – and yet not new, too – to embrace it. To really be free of the idea of 'Jim Dreaver,' whether as a healer, writer, spiritual teacher, or whatever, not just at times, or a lot of the time, but all of the time. I guess that must be the real liberation. Certainly feels like it. We'll just have to see how it unfolds....

"Lastly, to get back to your question about our obligation to humanity, the deeper insight into this is still new to me, but it seems that if we truly are free of attachment to 'self,' then we really are available to the other. Then, perhaps, we really can become instruments of genuine love and service."
Thanks so much for sharing your letter. I loved it. Very clear, very intelligent. Very worthwhile conversation.

Perhaps Advaitans by and large have some limitation, but I am thinking that any path gets you there, and it is more the diligence of the seeker and not the inherent power of the path that makes the difference. Maybe I should get Kaplan's book. I do wonder about people who have taken on rigorous practices. I hope that there are shorter cuts, since I am not among their ranks. There must be some sublime distinctions they can draw and levels of bliss they experience that are beyond me, but is it necessary to go beyond me? How well can we attune to everyday God in our democratized enlightenment?

I'm still liking so much the idea that there is an invoking of intelligence, whereby as we live with a natural exterior focus, it is also very natural to purposefully re-tune our instrument to its divine, if you will, vibration.

I am so in love with Brian Swimme. I know you would be, too. I could see you two being best friends. Have you read "The Universe is a Green Dragon?" If not, I'll send it to you. I was floored to discover Brian doesn't know anything about Ramana Maharshi – not even his name. I've been thinking hard about putting you with Brian and Bo Lozoff and a few others, trying to dream up a round table of people I think would be smashing together. Let each one present them self to the others. The thought of Brian's world washing over you and yours over him is thrilling to me. My part would be to take the participants through some crop circle magic.

Do you know Thom Hartmann? Another candidate.

I just notice how impressed I am by the quality, depth and intelligence of your writing. You did a book once. Maybe it's time again?

The book that has nipped at me for a long time is a compilation of "calls," impelling pieces that tune you in to the new story. A "Common Sense," rallying the populace. Then live convenings of the callers. I am so hot for what's live. I want the engagement. How I would love an Inn for thinking people. Keep your antenna up for alliances to make that happen. I wonder if a great book would be some doorway to getting the place, but I'm impatient, and books take so long...

When I hear you talk of your dialogue with Brian Swimme, and read the echoes of your ongoing conversation with Lex, it is clear you need a big, expansive, wide-ranging stage to play on, and on which to bring really interesting people together. I like the idea of a group of three or four dynamic minds involved in a conversation, maybe facilitated by you, and then the audience can participate with their questions, comments and sharings.

I see you very much like Brian. You are the men of the future, please God. I think you two will like each other a lot.

Here's a really good site worth looking at.... They happen to list my book – but that's not the only reason I'm telling you! It's SpiritSite.com.

Thanks for turning me on to that site. They've featured my WebRadio show there now, under "columns".

I just received this email announcement of the death of Terence McKenna, an old friend, who was one of my Mighty Companions Wisdom Advisors:
Last night (Monday, April 3) at 2:30 AM, Terence McKenna took his last breath and crossed over.

In December, 1999, at Esalen, Terence said:

"Everything is a blessing and everything comes as a gift. And I don't regret anything about the situation I find myself in. If psychedelics don't ready you for the great beyond, then I don't know what really does. And we're all under sentence of 'moving up' at some point in our lives.

I have an absolute faith that the universe prefers joy and distills us with joy. That is what religion is trying to download to us, and this is what every moment of life is trying to do-if we can open to it. And we psychedelic people, if we could secure that death has no sting, we would have done the greatest service to suffering intelligence that can be done.

And I feel that death is close, and I feel strong because of this (psychedelic) community and these people and plants that it rests on, and the ancient practices that it rests on, and I am full of hope, not only for my own small problems, but for humanity in general."

Thanks for the Terence email. I actually cut his obituary out of the Chronicle today. I felt a few tears come to my ears. He was a beautiful guy, one of us, yet a pusher of the envelope without doubt.

Consciousness rules!

Take a look at this splendid program, Global Prophets, coming up in July at the Sophia Center of Holy Names College, in Oakland, where Brian Swimme used to teach. My original thought was about putting a round table together with him, and to see what he presented at the conference as fodder for our meeting. Now that I see the whole program, attending the conference I think is THE thing to do anyway. I can't wait!! Mary Evelyn Tucker is awesome too – she was the one who presented Confucius, with Brian overlaying science, in the brilliant presentation that was here in Los Angeles a little while ago. She and her husband, John Grim, also on the upcoming program, just produced 10 conferences funded by Harvard on "Religion and Ethics," and volumes are being published from it. It's radically impressive. Brian is also doing a presentation with the Teilhard person at this conference, which is devoted to the ideas of Teilhard and Thomas Berry.

This is THE life-changing info of our time – the missing link that guides us out of our small self (my 2 cents)!

Drizzling steadily all day here, but the light of pure awareness shines on, needless to say. I checked out the Sophia site. Most interesting, and maybe a group to connect with at some point.

The current inquiry and message.... What we fundamentally are is consciousness or awareness, and this can be proven, because no matter what we think, feel, say or do, there is the awareness, the consciousness, of thinking, feeling, saying, or doing it. Ergo, everything begins with, exists because of, awareness. Awareness is behind everything, in other words.

So, when we abide in awareness, fully realizing that we are the source of our entire experience, we no longer need to suffer. After all, if we are creating everything, why would we want to create suffering? Instead, we naturally and effortlessly dis-create, see through, the concepts and beliefs – especially the belief in "me" and "mine" – that engender suffering.

When we abide as the consciousness or awareness that we are, there is a great sense of spaciousness and freedom (whenever we look back within and notice it). In this spaciousness there is energy, love, joy. There is great beauty, immense gratitude, a genuine fullness of being. Our work, our destiny here, becomes clear, and because we are not attached to the final outcome – so engaged and fulfilled in the present are we – we are able to do it in a spirit of true creative freedom.

There may be a better way to live one's life than this, but I haven't seen it. Frankly, my cup runneth over, and I have an abundance to share.

Amen to all your smarts. Stay high!

Love your indomitable spirit! A good trick that I could be better at. You are contagious in that place – a gift.

Indomitable spirit? I remember teaching my son that we Dreavers are not quitters. A good teaching for a child, I guess! Hell, I wanted to be a published author by the time I was 24. If I'd been told in advance it wasn't going to happen till more than 20 years later, I might have quit back then. Something to be said for not knowing the future, eh?

It's not the no-quit aspect that I was talking about but the vitality and enthusiasm that underlies whatever you do. It supports a base line for others – like me. If you can hold the space it helps me hold it.

On the Brian Swimme front, in mind's eye I see us coming through his lens in a way that makes sense out of everything. This will truly be the circle of our dreams. Take a look at the program he's got going at CIIS, Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness, and you'll see what a rich foundational underpinning he offers. (See the course list, too.)

Would that it were earlier on my journey and I could take two years to steep myself in it. Brian is proud of it as what I see it to be – THE ideal education. However, it's little known. He needs to work on that. One way to get more visibility for himself is a conference, and he has some funding proposals out for that. I could play a part in designing it. I see plugging in overlays of some other ways to know wholeness (like he's doing with the Confucian world now) that create the newness of our next story by the sparks of recognition that fly as pieces that have been in the cosmic picture separately come together in a new coherence. (What a sentence!) Advaita would be perfect. I also see monthly presentations with Brian doing a different system each time, and of course Advaita would be in that, too. Or maybe Advaita is moved up into being even more seminal than other ways – as he perceives the Confucian worldview particularly felicitously matched up with his body of work.

Here's some copy I just wrote, for a satsang I am planning on offering:

Has the enlightenment bug bitten you?

Are you a genuine seeker, one who is inwardly consumed by the desire for truth, freedom, enlightenment?

Have you read the spiritual books, sat with different teachers, meditated for years, feel like you're almost there, almost free, but not quite?

Still looking for "It"?

Still fall prey to self-doubt, conflict, and other states – minor though they be – of suffering?

Is the quest getting in the way of your getting on with your life?

Would you like to have the search come to an end, find "It" once and for all, so that you can then get on with something else-whether it's family, work, making money, making love, exploring your creativity, serving others, or saving the world?

Then, relax. There are only three things needed for enlightenment:

1) The intense longing for it (without this, forget about it)

2) The belief that you are already there (i.e. stop doubting yourself)

3) The guidance of someone already established in freedom, in his or her true nature (we all need support, we all need a periodic reality check to make sure we're not deluding ourselves).

Fulfill those three requirements, and success on the journey is assured. How can it not be? Enlightenment is your true nature. It is who and what you are beyond all your beliefs and ideas about who you are, beyond the "story" you have fabricated about your life, including even your story about being a "spiritual seeker."

Enlightenment, in other words, is seeing through the illusion of "me and my story." In The Way of Harmony, I call it the core insight. Get that one, and freedom unfolds quickly. Then your life flows. You feel spacious inside. You're at peace. Your happiness no longer depends on things or people outside. All psychological and emotional fear leaves you. Your work here becomes very clear. You feel like a kid again. Every day, every moment, feels new. What blast! What a gift! Gratitude, and a tremendous love for life, become your predominant emotions.

This is beautiful. Seems like a perfect piece for people who aren't familiar with the material. It's what Yukio keeps articulating in his way when he sells "Radical Awakening: never take another workshop to find yourself again." How about people who already have been indoctrinated with the work, yet keep going back to satsangs, seemingly to "get it" some more? Is there some further communication to make to them? Or aren't you after them? My only caveat was to wonder who this is for, and for you to make sure you've got a clear bead on that.

[Jim came to sit in our Mighty Companions circle. When I invited him to come, he wrote, "I would enjoy exploring the next level of the consciousness dialogue with those who feel so moved." Music to my ears. It was quite a wonderful evening.]

Jim's response to the evening:

Totally enjoyable evening and thanks for the lovely food. What a great hostess you are!

Everyone I've spoken to is up for another night, with you. This is good. When do you come back?

Talked to Brian about a circle apart from the Holy Names conference. I'm thinking it's people who might be part of a conference type event – maybe the one Brian wants funding for, "Coming Alive in the Universe." "Coming alive" sounds like "waking up," and there you are, with Advaita. Systems of wholeness, where the world shows up as one, is the content. Like the presentation Brian does with the Confucius lady – juxtaposing different perspectives in which we can see the connectivity of which we are a part. The juxtaposing is what's missing these days. People all do their own thing. That creates shows, but what I'm thinking is that you can create aliveness, where the cross-connecting keeps turning up the new. Seems so obvious. For our circle with Brian, I'd include a spoon bender friend, who makes pretzels out of spoons with great facility, and Russell Targ, my psi buddy who used to run the remote viewing project funded by the CIA at SRI. Jerry Jampolsky could be part of it if we did it before June, when he's in Hawaii through October. I'd tune people into Brian as the spine – first to listen to a tape or to read one of his books. I figure the way to make something complex happen is to get some key players to want it.

It feels so much to me like something wants to happen. Does it to you, too?

I want to create a Global Leadership Initiative (or something like that), where the mission is to integrate enlightened awareness, high performance, and loving action.

It is about the biggest challenge I can think of taking on, and one that should inspire lots of participation. Should keep all involved busy and happily occupied for a full lifetime.

I took my son to see GLADIATOR. Astonishing movie. Superb. Epic. Absorbing. Moving. A 10 plus.

God, yes. Let's do something big!

So how can we keep a line of conversation / communication going that shares movie tips as it creates a field of consciousness? I can't stop thinking that it's all about connections now. Edna St. Vincent Millay's lines keep playing in my head:
"Upon this gifted age, in its dark hour,
Rains from the sky a meteoric shower
Of facts...they lie unquestioned, uncombined.
Wisdom enough to leech us of our ill
Is daily spun, but there exists no loom
To weave it into fabric..."
Hearing Brian overlay physics and Confucius haunts me. It was so compelling. We don't need to figure it out anymore; we just need to weave together what we know, which is weaving together who we are. We come alive together inside an awareness.

There is no place where you can find yourself immersed in this thinking / alignment process. And now we have the Internet. Everything can change. We need to make the ways. Our mutual friend, Yasuhiko Kimura, said it well: "In the past, seekers gathered around a master to form a community to mutually empower one another's spiritual growth...Today we have Cyberspace and the Internet. Seek out those who have the same commitment as you do in spiritual transformation...You can crate a Cyberspace sangya with multiple masters, the past and the present...a community of people around the world who share the commitment for the creation of an ethical and enlightened civilization."

It could be themed – for instance, conversation about living fearlessly: sharing insights and encouragements – a private conversation, among invited people. Reach out to great minds. Cyberspace leads to face to face affairs.

My sense is that some engagement is ripe for the picking. Got to get the opening move right. What do you think?

Love that Edna St. Vincent Millay poem. I can see why you resonate with it. I also feel the flame of urgency within you around getting something going. You are a networker, a person who makes things happen. I, too, love the idea of reaching out to great minds. My main focus right now is on getting my newest book published, and then developing a leadership program. The internet, as you say, is a key. It is how we met. There are ways to do cyberseminars, or forums. I'm not sure how, but they exist.

As for opening move, I am not sure. As I say, right now, there is this book project which has most of my attention.....

I am so grateful that we are in communication. I feel like we are in the right soup for something good. Let's just keep it up. Here's a little daring-do that we've been tossing around. For our home page, or a brochure, or an ad...???
LOOKING FOR LOVE? LOOKING FOR FAMILY? LOOKING FOR INTELLIGENCE? LOOKING TO SERVE THE WORLD? ARE YOU RICH? I am looking for funders. I operate a highly unconventional 501(c)3. I need funders who are unusual, too.

The proposition is to create a setting (an inn? an estate?) in which great minds with great souls can be pampered – in proximity to Los Angeles for its weather, it's convenience, and the support base that exists of a Mighty Companions community. In a home-like atmosphere, the objective will be for connections to be made. As we recognize each other, we weave the new reality, where we are one. Let wayshowers and thoughtshapers merge their fields...

"...to unite a great, raging forest fire of love, to sweep us forever out of this deadening sadness of egos and superficiality."
Brian Swimme

I like the funding proposal. Nothing is coming through yet on the Website idea but it is in the mental/creative hopper and I will keep you posted. Now I am off with a friend to see enlightenment in the form of baseball, Giants vs. Cardinals. Now, there's game that is pure meditation in action!

I used to know the batting average of each Brooklyn Dodger as they came to bat...

I'm sending you a copy of the show we did together on audio tape. I like it a lot. Will also send you the first of six tapes from a series, "Canticle to the Cosmos," that Brian made from classroom teaching in 1995. I've only heard half of the first tape, but I am a gonner. I don't know why this guy isn't king of the world. I feel blessed to be tuned into his thoughtform as adjunct to everything you and I know and love about how it is and what to do. I so hope there can be some weaving of the worlds – wow, "Weaver Dreaver" is hot! – so we can find ourselves in joint play.

I look forward to the Brian Swimme tapes. Empathize with your feelings about why he hasn't been crowned king. Funny about why some make it huge, most don't. When my first book came out, I felt so charged up – my mantra was, "Move over, Deepak!" Do you know him, by the way?

I am looking forward to my next trip to Los Angeles next month.

I appreciate your enthusiasm. I am always up for joint play. ("Joint" play? Well, Shiva liked that medicine!).

Don't know Deepak. He was on Larry King Live last night. What a great exposure. I don't think Larry really could follow him – respectful listening, with just a little mockery, rather than being impacted. Would have loved to see you or Brian in that seat.

I am scheming for your next evening here.

Did you read One Taste? Found this on the Net – core insight a la Ken Wilber: One Taste: The Journals of Ken Wilber.

Jointly yours....

Yes, I loved ONE TASTE. Have you met Ken? Cool guy, by all accounts.

Never met Ken, but we've been in touch via snail mail and now email. He used to send things to Lex in advance of publication. Lex gave them to me to read and then I'd write an opinion. Lex, who didn't type, would handwrite back on my letter. It was thrilling to be intertwining with two great minds.

Have you read The Power of Now? Very clear. A lot about fearlessness. Also a little spooky in that he's saying just what I said in Inside the Intelligence, and he's someone who says, "I know. This is it." I wouldn't have dared. Mine is my higher self talking, giving its opinion, but not my claim to all-knowingness. So it is very interesting to have my opinions stated as cosmic law by a Mr. Know-it-all.

A formula for living is sinking in from exposure to all the know-it-alls of our day:
1. Understand the set-up of reality (right understanding).
2. Self-discipline to stay the witness (right intention)
3. Only serve – here to help and not to be helped (right attitude)
4. Hang around with people who are awake (right activity)
Thinking about what the Internet could enable – to write a book collectively:
How to Be Enlightened. Start with the above. People comment, disagree, add, and send in pithy supportive quotes and excerpts. What do you think?

I never read Inside the Intelligence, so I am printing it up now (a small book!) and will read it this weekend.

Funny, but I am just re-reading The Power of Now at this very time. Yes, I think it is an excellent book. I was reminded of Jean Klein's clarity. I heard Eckhart speak once. He is very leprachaun like, very unassuming, very present. Doesn't do much dialogue, though. Just talks. But he was the only one to get a standing ovation at the last Inner Directions gathering, and they have invited him back.

Maybe, if we know the truth, it's important to say that. It certainly establishes your credentials and attracts a certain level of attention. Of course, one had better really know! Like me writing about fearlessness... I had better be fearless!

I like your four principles very much. I am not so inspired about the collective book idea, only because I am so focused on getting my own books done. But some kind of website of awakened ones in conversation, chipping in with their different perspectives? Or else a cyber-satsang of some kind?

Keep pushing, probing, brain-storming..... It's coming!

Eeeek. I have Inside the Intelligence it printed up in a booklet. Too late?

> But some kind of website of awakened ones in conversation, chipping in > with their different perspectives? Or else a cyber-satsang of some kind?

Yes. I keep thinking what we have posted here of our conversation could be some kind of spine.

Keeping on keeping on...

I already started reading the version of Inside the Intelligence I downloaded. It's really good. My appreciation for you, your intelligence and creativity, your commitment to transformation, to bringing it out to the world, grows even deeper. I feel quite privileged to be part of your circle. Thank you.

Re your formula for living, just the other day I said to someone, "The quickest way to wake up is to hang out with people who are already awake."

And, yes, if we've found it, maybe it's important to state that in some un-egotistical way. That's my tack now. It has worked for Eckhart. Of course, he is able to back up what he says. That's important. It is about taking a very strong stand, I think.

All it takes is a little bit of pure awakeness, I suspect, to catalyze a large body of people who have been primed over the last bunch of time to accept their knowingness as the real thing – warts and all. This Eckhart Tolle does a big favor by being so sure. And people love him. He's the hot new voice. We are all too conditioned and too scared to claim our birthright. You and Brian are gifts in this regard, too. Some big shift may be close at hand...

Yes, a shift at hand. As I go deeper into your Intelligence piece, I am impressed by the honesty with which the voice has pointed out your human, shall we say, shortcomings? We all have 'em, and in seeing them clearly they are less likely to bite us in the ass when we're not looking.

Yes, certainty makes a big difference. My own confidence has grown in leaps and bounds, mainly because this awareness that I am (that we all are) has been like this for over five years now. And that's 24/7. Hell, I was trusting it after the first few months... Occasionally something happens to cause a ripple in the infinite field of consciousness, but not very often, and not much more than a ripple.

When we no longer hold on to any concept or image of "self," because we have seen that it's all a self-created illusion anyway, then there's nothing in our consciousness to resist the flow of what's happening in the present anymore. We truly are endlessly spacious within.

I like it! The 24/7 Club! Fodder for the next conversation....

I like it – the 24/7 Club – composed of people committed to being fully aware and present (even during sleep.... during those times they are aware they are sleeping/dreaming!) 24 hours a day.

Am totally digging the Brian Swimme tape! I love all the new physics stuff, the quantum explanations of reality, and I can see why you love him. I think I shall have to get the whole series of Canticle. Do I get it from Sounds True?

Am about halfway through Inside the Intelligence and I do want to say I am moved by the depth of your insight and learning, and above all your passion for awakening, for consciousness, for being all of who we really are. You are truly a gift in the life of those who know you, Suzanne. Jean Klein always said that when we wake up, the predominant emotion we live with is one of gratitude. Immense, endless gratitude. He was right.

When Lex was alive, we were in serious conversation about starting something that would be a formless form that people nonetheless knew they belonged to as a way to goose humanity's consciousness shift. We were messing with the idea of an "order," to build on historical tradition and yet not have anything doctrinaire. I wonder if there is juice these days for aligning. It seems more passionless in the land than even five years ago when Lex was alive and these thoughts seemed logical. Yet there is so much seeding that's gone on – people are wiser than they were then. ????? Have a look at a site that a very trippy friend of mine who calls herself Madam X just put out called Human Being Books (it's still raw and any suggestions – I've made some – would be welcome). Maybe her Human Being Society could be the call that "rally's the troops," so to speak. (Am sending her to your site – she wants to see sites of people who are awake.)

Sounds True has the tapes for full price – Amazon had a healthy discount, and that's where we got them. Get the second book, too – just as good as the first, and an evolution from it. In fact, if you order them through our Web site, which gets them from Amazon, we'll make money on you! Go to:

Hidden Heart of the Cosmos
Canticle to the Cosmos

Am sending our WebRadio tape to Brian tomorrow, and have urged him to look at your Website and read our conversation, although supposedly he doesn't do the Net. We've put up what already is the nicest presence he has there (with pictures we took when he was in Los Angeles).

I have tripped a little on the notion of the 24/7 Club, too, for people who are committed to being awake 24/7. We could dedicate it to Lex. Have a website, a newsletter, conferences.... Just like the Twilight Club which started half a century or maybe a lot more ago, and Yasuhiko now directs. This is a conversation we should keep going, definitely. How could there not be people who are passionate about being awake 24/7? I've got to be honest though, I don't want to get caught up in running an organization.... Krishnamurti always talked about the trap of that... Maybe it could run itself... Let's keep talking.

That Human Being Society website looks wild... Will have to check it out more soon.

No, not an organization. Needs to be something that holds us so we know we are in it together, but self-organizing. I'm sure you've seen the Lex quote I use everywhere.

Regarding your next trip here, I got this picture of the little circle we started. Then of the next group I would pick. So two circles are spinning. There is a sameness to the resonance, where people from the second one could interchange with the first. And then maybe a third. Could we just keep little vortexes launching and going, where something bigger is developing? The Internet makes organizing pretty easy.

I see the Dalai Lama is doing the Sports Arena next time he comes to Los Angeles. Shades of Lex and the notion he had for Celebrations of the Human Spirit – escalating from the living room to stadiums. If the Promise Keepers could do it, so he thought, why couldn't we? But the Dalai Lama is just an event, not a field of endeavor, which feels so possible and valuable. I don't know if our spinning circles could ever fill a stadium, but they soon could fill a picnic ground, or whatever convenings we created for everyone to have jamborees. I am very big on thinking microcosms to macrocosm, and even wonder if you are the person I have been waiting for, since Lex left, to bounce us up to another level.

I like your image of circles spinning and connecting, creating resonance.

Yes, I am happy to not be involved with an organization! Thanks again for sending that Lex quote, by the way. I love it.

When I was in Aspen a few years ago I went to the deserted Aspen Institute outdoor stage, stood on it, and gave a save-the-world speech to the most important people in the world, who have gathered there. It was a funny little rush!

Took your suggestion and read
Collision with the Infinite. I didn't realize till I was almost through that she left a few years ago. That was a shocker – yet another aspect to a most unusual tale, which shattered images of how we idealize enlightenment, making it all the more telling since this girl has nothing to sell or to gain from any sort of ego trip. So what is there to conclude? Surely not to try to get anywhere – just to be where we are and find peace. It's more everyday God stuff. She boils it down in the end to "two suggestions" – "to see things to be just what they are" and "to follow the obvious." This non-questing seems consonant with a relational reality, where we're holding each other in place in the perfection of what is. One other thing worth noting is that although she keeps pointing to the experience coming out of the blue, as she was waiting for the bus, she had years of intense TM work behind her. Her picture looked lovely. What a story.

A fair number of people from our last circle aren't available when you'll be here at the end of the month. What to do? Want to work to a new group, as I'd suggested, to set more people spinning? If there is a line of intention, you can treat people somewhat as if they are in the continuum, even if there are different people involved. Los Angeles is hurting for the kind of energy we could be setting in motion, and I'd like this for myself as well, but be sure it fits your needs and wants.

I feel like I am on hold, keeping busy. A few days ago I caught up with a good friend in the core team – of four people – for the State of the World Forum. That's the best of what's cross-connecting leadership, but there's no sizzle. It struggles along, trying to define itself and accomplish something, with personality stuff interfering. I keep talking to myself, calming myself down, inching along making our Website the sizzle that I can't find. Kim and I will go to the crop circles for the first two weeks in August, and we'll get video footage as part of the streaming video we'll add to my site, hoping I can make it the most "entertaining" enlightenment experience on the Web – my following the obvious. Please God it can matter.

I see you're on the program for Hilton Head in December. Good going. Some good people will be there. Maybe I can figure out a way to be a TV/radio person there – I can't do these things just as audience. Do you know Thom Hartmann? I'm impressed by him – have had a little correspondence, and expect to have more. He linked to me from his Website. Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of Crack in the Cosmic Egg and Evolution's End, has this to say about one of Thom's books, The Prophet's Way: Touching the Power of Life:
"This is the most important book I have ever read - a deeply disturbing surprise. Terrifyingly topical; strangely transcendental and timeless; profound, engaging, delightful, informative; dreadful, desolating, devastating, threatening, unhinging, and irritating - I would I could evade its awful truth. Now I can do no less than give my remaining years to its message."
I used to be friendly with Joe when he was in Los Angeles, and I so appreciated his Cosmic Egg work, too, when it came out. His comment reminded me of my feelings for Brian Swimme's work, where, "Now I can do no less than give my remaining years to its message." And it's your message as well. Do you know that about Brian? You two would be ideal allies. "A scholar's research and a bard's voice" is his genius, too, and he brilliantly correlates "recent discoveries in science with ancient metaphysical truths." You and he – and I – have the meta message of our day that grounds us in the universe of oneness, from which and only from which can all the ills of the world be meaningfully addressed.

Ah, such zeal you have, such fire still for sharing the good news! Re your thing on the deserted Aspen Institute stage, one night some years ago I stood on the edge of a natural amphitheater, surrounded by rocks, in Joshua Tree. There was no one around, of course. It was late, there were a zillion stars, and I spoke out loud to the several thousand people I imagined sitting there. I just laid it all out for them, the way it is according to Dreaver. It was my debut, in a way, and I was delivering the dharma to God. Heck, it could have been the same day we were doing it!

Suzanne Siegel was an enigma in some ways. She said she knew nothing about enlightenment prior to hers. But she had been a TM teacher for years, so how could she not have known about enlightenment? But she sure touched a lot of people, very deeply. To this day, a group she started for nondual therapists is still meeting.

I will check out Thom's website. Yes, I liked Joseph Pearce – did a weekend seminar twenty years with him. The surprise/disappointment was that after spending a day and a half exploring all this fascinating stuff about the brain, mind, and physics, he said that the way you get to this very clear place is by sitting down and chanting "Om Namah Shivaya," and he even played us a video of Muktananda chanting. I was very much in my anti-guru, anti-mumbo-jumbo Krishnamurti phase then, so it was a let down for me. But I have softened since and am much more appreciative of the value of chanting.

Re the dharma evening at your place in Los Angeles, my only intention is to be present with people, and in that presence, celebrate our presence. And, also, for those who want to be more present, explore what might be getting in the way of being really present. So, invite whomever you wish. If for some reason, too, this is not the best time because of summer vacation or whatever, we can also do it another time. But I am up for anything.

Most corporations, including internet start-ups, succeed because there is a meeting of minds. There are always several people or more on the team that drives the enterprise onward and upward. Maybe we are reaching toward something like that. You are, for sure. I always thought I was going to be a solo/Marlboro man type who would write his books, give his talks and workshops, help a few people get enlightened, have some fun on the side, and then one day, like everyone else, check out of here.

But I've always like the team, too. It's what I loved about playing rugby. So, here I am. Open, available, ready for whatever...

Have been thinking about Suzanne Segal's saga. There's a prevailing aspiration seeker's have to bliss out – to be in a constant walking meditation. But this report from the front tells us that such a state is hard to live with, let alone not the pay-off for effort anyway. Food for thought about clarifying intention and expectation. Fodder for everyday God and the democratization of enlightenment stuff – it's here now and we're it!

Ever think of a traveling medicine show? Speeches every day!

I've been talking with some people about doing something with Brian – maybe that lecture series juxtaposing him to systems of wholeness like Advaita. It's been suggested we do a circle of people who can move and shake to watch the videos of
Canticle to the Cosmos, who then would think together about how to get Brian out there. We don't have a power circle in Los Angeles, and this could launch it – deliver Brian first and then the second coming (ha). Can we lure you to LALAland? After centuries of popularity, rugged individualism seems old now.

Another new development on the groupish front is that our local nudist colony, Elysium, is for sale. It could turn into the Inn for Thinking People – nicely situated, great grounds (9 acres in Topanga Canyon, mostly surrounded by National Forest), tennis court and pool and hot tub, buildings to work with and add to. Am looking at use-permit/zoning feasibility and may go into action to rally some troops to make it happen. That would be a good time!!! In fact, if another couple people – or more – would buy it with me, we could live there whether or not we got the Inn to happen, which we probably wouldn't be able to be sure of until after the purchase.

The Nudist Colony sounds like it has possibilities. "Enlightenment in the Nude." Hmmm...

Traveling medicine show? I just wrote to a friend, "The biggest problem I have, I notice, is getting people to really sit with the notion of what I am saying and to accept it as a possibility.... That we really can be free of conflict, fear, and suffering. Most people look for freedom in their circumstances: more money, sex, power, control, etc. There is definitely a freedom in all this, and their having these things is always a blessing. But most people I know and see still live with varying degrees of inner conflict and anxiety. And it is not necessary. That's the message of my book."

I have a current ongoing dialogue (argument, he might say!) with one of my closest friends who cannot believe that I am who I say I am. Every other person he knows lives with some degree of suffering, so how could I possibly be different? How could I possibly be free in the way I say I am? Ah, talk about prophets being without honor!

Of course, it doesn't matter to me whether or not he "believes" I am who I say I am, or my experience is what I say it is. (If it did, then I'd be suffering in some degree, and I'd be a liar, and he'd be right!) But as a communicator of the way of freedom, the question of how to really get this message out, the best way to approach it, does interest me vitally.

Any comments, oh wise one?

You've got the pipeline to the goods, Jim – a blessing that you are able to hold the space. Just keep beaming. I have such faith that you are a very important voice – so "ordinary" (as in no robes or ceremony) yet so profound, which I think is the perfect package to do the most effective work. Take your strength and fortitude, should you need any, from those of us with eyes to see. I love the articulation you make here. A big yes to this being the way it is and how you are engaging it. Please God you stay just as you are. It is a life-giving position – to me, too, who still needs help finding satisfaction. Amazing to me that I know so much and I still feel unfulfilled. My latest is to let that be OK – to find nothing wrong in wanting more community, more passion for the good, more awakeness in the world.

Looking forward to soaking you in again...

God bless you, Suzanne. I really appreciate your honesty about still needing some help to find satisfaction. Do you know what I think you are really saying? I think you know how to relax and be at peace within – you really have found the spiritual treasure. But, like every human being - -and more than most, in your case, because you have such an abundance of it – you need an outlet for your CREATIVE energy. Once when I was feeling discontent, I realized I hadn't been writing for a month or two. Then I started the new book (this was over 18 months ago), the creative energy started flowing, and I felt wonderfully alive, on fire. Later I read an interview with Jimmy Cliff, the legendary Reggae musician. He said, "If I don't create, I cease to exist. I must write to live." Confirmation, eh?

Yes, I like what you say about me. I hope that all that's necessary is for me to be giving commensurate with my capacities. A healer friend of mine, who believes everyone has to go through agonizing shit, is trying to put me on his program, but I think it's circumstantial and not organic. His admonishment that I'll never do anything good until I remove this inner block just doesn't feel true.

Back home now, catching up. [Jim came to share with the Mighty Companions in Los Angeles again.] Thanks again for the gift of Friday night . It felt great to me, too, and I really, really appreciate your support and our developing friendship. I learned more about how to do these things. When I am the facilitator, to talk about something, some subject or area of interest – as I did – and then see what it evokes and provokes in people, give them an opportunity to share. Because the background of silence, of the energy of being, was so present, shifts actually happened in people, and that, to me, is the purpose of our gathering.

Here's something I wrote on "enlightenment" in response to a question from someone who attended the Friday evening at your house.

QUESTION: So why do we seek outside authority?

I know when I met my teacher of this subject called "enlightenment," I still did not feel free. Even though I lived in freedom (from conflict, doubt, fear) much of the time, I still got caught. Yet I always believed it was possible to be truly, completely free. Then I met Jean Klein and he said, "Yes, such freedom is possible. Indeed, it is your true nature." Over the next few years, studying his books, going to talks, a few workshops, a couple of private meetings, I gradually "got" what he was saying, and it became my own.

In any case, what is the big deal about authority? When we want to learn French, or the piano, we go to someone who is an authority on the subject. Why should it be any different with this thing called enlightenment, self-realization, inner freedom, or true self-knowing?

An email correspondent with Suzane asked me, "What is enlightenment anyway?" In The Way of Harmony, I call it the core insight. It is simply knowing, really getting, that you are not the person you've always taken yourself to be. It is not taking yourself to be a "person," period. You are a person, of course, and you have a story, but you now know you are not your story, and you are truly not identified with it.

When you no longer hold onto any concept or image of yourself because you really see that all such concepts and images are illusory, a fabrication of the mind based on perceived events and experiences, there is nothing in your psyche to resist the flow of life anymore, and so no more conflict, doubt, or fear. (Occasionally, residues of old anxieties and fears will come up – even the Buddha and Christ experienced them – but you quickly see them for what they are, and they fall way). It is really very simple, though the conditioning in all of us is deep-rooted, so it takes quite a long time, usually, to actually see though the whole thing, and come to the freedom that is our true nature.

The same correspondent with Suzanne expressed her concern about enlightenment being this carrot in front of a lost and hungry soul. And that in her view, it presents an illusion that there is some end, where all is known, and there is no more to be learned, and so no more growing.

Increasingly, I feel this is the argument of people who have spent years chasing the carrot themselves, and perhaps have not quite found it, and thus rationalize their own falling short of whatever mark they originally hoped to arrive at. So, when someone comes along and says, "Hey, this enlightenment thing is actually realizable," they don't want to believe it.

In any case, enlightenment doesn't mean that you now know everything. On the contrary, it means you just know one thing; that you are truly "nobody," and that there is truly nothing to be afraid of. This one thing you now know allows you live in the world with a genuinely relaxed, blissful body, a clear, spacious mind, and a joyful, loving heart. It allows you to be naturally, effortlessly centered and present wherever you are, and open, truly open, to all points of view, to new information, and, yes, to new learning.

As I wrote in The Way of Harmony, speaking of what became increasingly clear to me after my own awakening to all of this, "I have found the way Home, now I am learning to find my way in the world." My friend and fellow author, John Allan, told me once that he loved Aldous Huxley's favorite Latin saying, "Aun aprendo," which means, "I am always learning."

For me, the real learning, the real growing into the fullness of who we are, the unfolding of our deepest potential, doesn't even begin until enlightenment happens, until we see through the illusion of "I am this" and "I am that." In other words, all concepts and ideas of who we are just barriers to learning and communication. We so often "think" we are growing, but we just go around in circles.
Your thoughts??
Regarding your enlightenment piece, I like what you say about the usefulness of authorities. Given how brainwashed we are culturally, those who manage to pop out to higher ground are invaluable. Back to my thoughts about good company. Hang around with a strong vibration at a clearer level – the direction the horse is going – and you attune yourself.

However, I think these thoughts about "enlightenment" are better as a proposition that you put out for an agreement about what enlightenment is, rather than as your pronouncement about what it is. Make a case for how useful it is to take this position – that everything works from this mapping. Otherwise it's your learned opinion versus other learned opinions. You've just maneuvered some words to get out of the argument about all the conflicting opinions that this loaded word brings up. The point in life isn't to get to the aha you describe – it's to have this aha and then have the rest of your life. This is where Madam X I think comes in – she is suggesting taking the heat off the idea of enlightenment and just noticing that there is this life to live in which we are always growing. She's been "Advaitaned" enough so that I presume she already is in touch with the core insight – rather than having chased the carrot and not found it – and just suggests that it's a bogus goal that seekers are after. Just a milestone in the continuum, and, since the word is so charged, maybe best left alone.

When I pass your remarks and my comments along to Madam X, I hope she will get into the act. I am tingling a bit with the feeling that maybe we are on to something here, where a mingling of intelligences will be fruitful. There's a new story being birthed in humanity, and this colloquy feels propitious. A little exchange could grow into a big exchange, where a patterning could be taking place that is just what the culture needs – no single sounding of the call, but a weaving of same.

Was listening today to an Eckhart Tolle tape – the man of the hour. You know I liked his book, The Power of Now, and yet there was some residue that qualified my enthusiasm. Now I can say more. I didn't like the tape, and I'd never pay to hear him. Charming guy, but he's telling an audience that no doubt has been through the Advaita mill how out to lunch they are. Everyone keeps laughing at how charmingly he's talking about the prevailing stupidity – hitting home with the fact that although the audience might think he's talking about someone else, no, it's them. Everyone paid a lot to be lectured to about not having it. A funny pastime. Seemed sad to me. All that he drives home about where the goods are, in the now, is fine. But the way he positions himself with the audience, and them lapping it up, was surprising and disappointing to me. What you do with people is something else. It's a lovely inclusion of all of us in this developmental process, where of course your clarity is valuable to beam in on. But you don't adopt a superior posture which puts you in judgment of everyone in the room. I shudder at the thought that I'll give you the swell head that I value you for not having, so do stay as sweet as you are, bolstered in your confidence that it is of supreme value and, I think, can do much more good than Tolle does.

On a personal note to you, what good news about the corporate possibilities. What a relief. I really like this line: "bringing enlightenment from the mountain top into the marketplace."

Charging is not my specialty. I hardly ever do it – just lucky to have what I have, not having been shrewd about getting it. I wonder if you can counsel for free and have the exchanges be what you sell – a column? a book? The idea of voluntary donations could also be floating, and if people with real money get real help you might get more than any fee you would set.

Re the whole enlightenment thing, the Buddha nailed it when he said, "Enlightenment means the end of suffering." To me, if "I" am still suffering, if there's a still an "I" to suffer, then I am not completely free. I feel like the thing I have to offer people is, "Hey, freedom exists, I haven't suffered since I woke up, and this is what made the difference: I really saw that I, Jim Dreaver, the seeker, the guy in conflict, was a fabrication, an illusion. Now I don't have any concept or image of myself at all, and so there is nothing in my psyche to get upset about anything. It really is that simple!"

God, how to talk about this without making me sound special, or arrogant or elitist? Which is why I related to Wilber's comment. Heck, just like he said, you go to a basketball game to watch a Michael Jordan, not a Ken Wilber.

The beauty about enlightenment though is that we can ALL be Michael Jordans, we can all be Buddhas. Indeed, Buddhahood is our true nature. So why do so few really get it? I think that maybe they just don't want it badly enough. They still look to the world – money, relationships, work, success, a social cause, or whatever – for their salvation. As Kabir said, in Robert Bly's translation, "When the Guest is being searched for, it is the intensity of the longing for the guest that does all the work. Look at me, and you'll see a slave of that intensity."

Well, I'll tell you this, if I get a swelled head, then I hope I'll be the first one to admit that, obviously, there must have been some ego residue/shadow self in me I wasn't aware of. So maybe I wasn't so free after all, just living in denial, maybe, these past five years.

See, to me, it's all so simple and clear. Once you've seen through the illusion of the personal self, then you just live your life, you dance with the energy of the moment, you go with the flow, you live in constant gratitude for the astonishing gift of it all. And you reach out to people who are hurting in whatever way seems appropriate.

I appreciate you and thank you. A person can find inner freedom (and may it happen to all) but when it comes to putting that light out into the world, feedback and support matter greatly, and yours has truly been of inestimable value to me. I think you have a good bullshit detector and you have a truly brilliant mind, one of the most highly developed and articulate minds of any person, man or woman, I know. I have been listening to your dialogues with Lex and others, and totally enjoying them.

Something else came into my awareness this morning, with this enlightenment-defining in the air. Trying to see through where the haze is...

In riding that tantalizing edge which divides satisfaction from its lack, it occurs to me that freedom perhaps is not the right objective. This last swing of sacralization, where we are wiser than before about needing to turn inward, has perhaps hyped us to the wrong objective. We look at saints and at the awakened beings in our midst and feel ourselves unfinished in comparison, yearning for their state of completion. But what if such a state of realization is pure grace and not available as the result of any efforting, which only will serve to keep you on the side of unsatisfaction? Satisfaction and completion are not interchangeable. There has to be satisfaction without completion, and a key is not to be seeking completion at all. It's like winning the lottery. You don't evaluate your self-worth from whether you've won.

So life has to be accepted, warts and all, in order to come out on the side of satisfaction, which very much is an appropriate goal. Do seek satisfaction. The prevailing thought in this quest could be, "What now?" Picturing ourselves in that aha we've all tasted, we ask, "What now?" We are in motion. Having at times been very connected to the place where freedom dwells, we are not looking to stay there. Wherever we are, "What now?" is all we say. And that bears a lot of exploration and conversation – how to hold ourselves in readiness without expectation.

Ethical living comes to the forefront here. Doing right by life. Helping as m.o., instead of personal acquisition as the goal – a big assist in operationalizing a life where satisfaction prevails. But no transcendent euphoria needed. You bless opportunity – for life itself – rather than seek what is not at hand.

You, Jim, are one of the lucky ones. The more that exemplars report out, perhaps the more open to grace listeners become. Who knows? Seekers seem to get the divine payoff more than others, except where near death or psychedelics or other outside interference plays a part. I think what's going on is that the seeker has a clearer field, uncrowded by the wrong assumptions that stand in the way of realization. But this notion that we aren't doing it right enough if the payoff hasn't happened I think has to go. And what you do so well, Jim, is give people the tastes and glimpses that indeed might be the fertile soil in which grace can dwell. Yes, I'm sure you smooth the path for some. But you're not dealing with people who aren't doing it right yet. For optimizing the chances for having it all, which is the most delicious development, it seems to me we're best served by taking the heat off the idea that if we just get the ducks in order we'll get an E ride.

As you, Jim, know yourself to be graced, in fact you can stop worrying, to whatever extent you might, about being superior or arrogant or even wrong. Forget it. You have your experience. Lucky guy. Tell us what is possible. Move us into the mood. Remove our blocks of misperception. Cheerlead us on. Let us enjoy you, as we do good people who come into surprising fortunes. Encourage us to maintain our intensity of longing – the longing itself perceived as sweet, whether satisfied by the payoff or not. Dangerous thoughts that people "just don't want it badly enough" or "still look to the world – money, relationships, work, success, a social cause, or whatever – for their salvation." You are helpful to others as prodder and clarifier, not as awakener. You set yourself – and us – up for failure that way.

I so appreciate you being there for this.

Thanks for your usual deep and insightful perspective, Suzanne.

Regarding satisfaction, I think It is important to begin to affirm that "Satisfaction is our true nature, and there is nothing to seek." In other words, instead of going around feeling unfulfilled and striving for some ideal of enlightenment or freedom, just beginning to accept – inwardly acknowledge – that we already are free. Not to go around telling this to people, bragging about it, but just inwardly getting used to the idea. I think that is a very important step. It was for me. Just as Ramana said, "The only barrier to realization is the belief that we are not realized."

Yes, I agree with you. "This notion that we aren't doing it right enough if the payoff hasn't happened has to go." That's the danger of positing enlightenment as some "state" to arrive at.

I think "enlightenment" is like being rich in monetary terms. The people who are truly rich and deeply grateful don't brag about how rich they are. The difference with Enlightenment, of course, is that it is something we can all have, precisely because it is our true nature. The path is a progressive letting go of all that we are not so that we can be, ever more fully, the beautiful bright beings we are.

Thank you again for your wisdom and your friendship. I don't want to set others up for failure, and nor myself. I just want to be a beacon – like the many others out there – shining a light for those who, perchance, are feeling a little lost on the way.

Lovely. "Peace of mind" perhaps is interchangable with "satisfaction."

I like this quote – always good to give some how-to for our treasured principles:
From Stephen Batchelor's new book, Verses From the Center: A Buddhist Vision of the Sublime, re emptiness: "It not only entails letting go of craving and confusion, but cultivating awareness of and insight into the nature of one's self and one's world. Emptiness is a metaphor for authenticity."
The Madam X adventure keeps giving me shudders of thrilling recognition – like she is cutting below all the confusion that we have investigated so intensely to present us with a simpler view that is so right that we vibe with it. It's somewhat like my picture of psychotherapy, where there always will be interesting content and discoveries, whereas, on the other hand (of course there is a vast middle ground, where there is value in examining the psyche, but let's not go there so I can make my point), you can find your Self above the fray, seeing from there how you were batting your way out of a paper bag, destined to keep batting forever. I forward to you what I think are the most salient pieces, thinking of our conversation as perhaps the very development of the Human Being Society. We keep posting the conversation with Madam X, as we do this conversation with you – this would be perhaps the whole book – so if you have a mind you can always go and get a fast read of everything in sequence.

Yes, I like that word "authentic." To me, that's what "true nature" is. How perfect! I am in New Zealand, visiting family of origin, which in the past always had a strong element of dysfunctionality to it. Thing I notice now is how free am I of all that, and can now just appreciate loved ones for who they are, without needing anything from them.

I shall watch the Madame X dialogue/adventure unfold. Sounds filled with all kinds of promise and I am ready to contribute in whatever way. She asks, "What's beyond awakening?" Seems to me whatever we want. A moment by moment discovery. Or we can plan something, dream something, create something big, something new, something different.... The thing is that once we have awakened, we are no longer stopped by fear, so we can let our true genius, our true creativity, emerge in all its glory... Blaze forth, literally.

Seems to me, though, that there's still a major, major need for the message of awakening, for delivering it so that people actually get it in a way that truly liberates them. The vast majority of humanity, I sense, are still not awake to who they really are beneath all their conditioned ideas and beliefs about who they are.

Came across this in "Maine Well-Being," a newspaper which published a piece of mine. The quotes are from the current cover story to celebrate the Portland Swedenborgian Church. Just think of how it would be today if a politician were like Emanuel Swedenborg.
For Swedenborg, humans have free will and the opportunity to live a life of love. He saw love as the essential element of life, and the way that it works is through truth; truth is love in action. Love and truth are the source of all life and should be at the root of all our actions. A church built for worship isn't a prerequisite for prayer. Rather, we should learn to nurture our inner church which supersedes the meaning of a church edifice. Swedenborg believed that a religious life requires acting out of love for others and being motivated to change the world. We all have the capacity to act out of love for one another, but in order to fully understand this, we need to internalize that we are all essentially one. As a result of our interconnectedness our actions have a direct effect on our neighbor, and if we choose to act in ways beneficial to others, we are not only contributing to the betterment of others, but also ourselves.

Swedenborg died in 1772 in London at the age of 86. His had been a life remarkable for its energy and productivity but even more remarkable for its evolution. In retrospect, he seems never to have rested content with his achievements or his understanding, but always to have pressed deeper. Through years of experience that caused later generations to question his sanity, he remained gracious and grounded. He was socially accessible and remained a very effective member of the Swedish Parliament to the end of his life.

Just back from excellent trip to NZ. Thanks for Swedenborg info and the url for Lex's letter to you. As a result of that, I get a better idea of the "circle" you are trying to create. A challenge, eh? But one you are up to. The corporate thing, enlightenment in the art of leadership, is the particular Everest I am focusing on right now.

Excellent to hear your focus. Sounds very good. Let me know if I can help. Mine is the Human Being Society. Something very fundamental and awesome is possible here and I love tracking with the magical Madam X.

I wonder if there's a book in these conversations. Yours and Madam X's are very enduring, and now I think to pepper them with the juices of the day, like the Swedenborg quote. The Human Being Society at play!

Thanks for all the encouragement. It is life-giving.

Someone from Australia (into township revitalization) wants to bring Brian Swimme over there to do a presentation with an Aborigine, the way he does now with a Confucius scholar – and then do it in the States. If Brian is into it will send you videotape of the Confucius gig and see if you have any say about being part of a three way mix. Hopefully New Zealand being close to Australia is enough excuse to get you and Brian together.

I'm sure there could be a book here in our conversations. Are you inspired to do one? I say go for it. While I wait to hear on my latest proposal, I am starting on a new book, basically on the theme of "how to get enlightened," sort of a definitive, up-to-date, no-nonsense guide.

Will poke around on the book idea. If I get any bites we can send even more delights to one another as content for it.

Great if you can add something to the book market that cuts to the chase of "how to." We could use it as a manual for the Human Being Society...

At this point, Jim begins to chime in on the conversation in progress with Madam X.

Upon this gifted age, in its dark hour,
Rains from the sky a meteoric shower
Of facts...they lie unquestioned, uncombined.
Wisdom enough to leech us of our ill
Is daily spun, but there exists no loom
To weave it into fabric...

-Edna St. Vincent Millay-

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