A Message from Joe Simonetta regarding his book,
Seven Words that Can Change the World

At the request of my publisher and on behalf of the message that is contained in this book, I have mailed this letter to friends, associates, contacts, and friends of friends of mine worldwide. As the author of this book, this letter appears to be self-serving. Indeed it is to the degree that it serves my desire to help reduce ignorance and suffering and to expand knowledge and justice in our world. This book does that.

Given our current tense state of the world, the title of this book, Seven Words That Can Change the World, is timely. It may appear that this material was written in response to the tragedies of September 11. It wasn't, although it very much addresses related issues. I completed my first draft of this book in 1993, my last year at Harvard Divinity School. At that time, I titled my manuscript, "One, A Third Millennium Belief System." I subsequently rewrote the manuscript and changed the title to, "The Simple Truth, A New Understanding of Sacredness." In August of 2000, the current publisher renamed it, Seven Words That Can Change the World, A New Understanding of Sacredness. The following will give you some sense of its content and availability. Some unsolicited comments from people who have read this book appear below. Thank you for reading this.

Hampton Roads Publishing Company (www.hrpub.com) announces the November 7, 2001 release of Seven Words That Can Change the World, by Joseph R. Simonetta. This book is available in and through all bookstores worldwide and on the internet.

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the worldwide best-selling Conversations With God series, wrote this Foreword to Seven Words That Can Change the World: A New Understanding of Sacredness . His Foreword follows:

Well, here it is. The Formula. The Answer. The Way.

Of course, everyone has The Formula, The Answer, The Way. This is not the private domain of gurus on mountaintops or teachers in temples. The guru in your heart knows The Formula. The teacher in the temple of your being has The Answer. And your soul itself is The Way. Still, it is nice to have it articulated so brilliantly, so fluently, so directly and unambiguously as we see it here.

When I first read this material, I found myself turning the corner of a page every time I came across something that I knew I wanted to slip into my talks. I give little talks around the world on life, the meaning of existence, and the way to have it all make sense, and as I was reading Joe Simonetta’s words I thought, "Wow. I can use this as a reference. This is really good." But, by the time I got finished reading I had turned down nearly every other page. I thought, "My God, I’m going to have to memorize this man’s entire book."

I knew then that I had to make sure I played my role in getting it to a larger audience, because, I thought, "Gosh, if I’m responding to this book in this way, so will other people."

And I was right. Every other person to whom I’ve shown this material has said, basically, what I said when I put it down. Which was, "Whoa. What a powerful book. Really remarkable. Elegant simplicity."

This is a totally empowering piece of writing. Do not be misled by its small size. It is just as meaningful (perhaps more so) than any five or six-hundred page book I have ever read. If you are looking to help change our planet, if you are wishing to change your own life, you have just given yourself the most practical tools you will ever have. With these simple tools you will say, "I can do this. This is something I can do."

Tampa, Florida, radio personality, Joel Chudnow, refers to the little gem of a book that you are now holding as "a thousand page book in a hundred pages." I like that. That pretty much says it.

There are three rules of life listed here. Three rules, seven words. Those seven words can heal the world. So I didn’t have to memorize Joe’s entire book after all. I only had to remember three rules, seven words.

Here they are. Seven words. A simple mantra that will work. A little secret that will renew your enthusiasm for life.

Here it is. The Formula. The Answer. The Way.

One formula. One answer. One way. There are others, of course. We all know that. There is more than one path to paradise. But this path is so simple. So practical. So easy. It allows us to come to a new understanding of sacredness without all the trappings of some other approaches – without years of study and meditation, without rituals to perform and masters to follow, without classes or workshops or seminars, without, well, much effort at all. Which is how it should be, it’s always seemed to me. Truth should be a simple thing.

So here it is. The Simple Truth.


And pass it on."

Pulitzer Prize-winning author, John E. Mack, M.D., wrote, "Joe Simonetta’s Seven Words That Can Change the World brings to us a new, clear voice of sanity. This book will help to awaken us from the commercial trance into which we have so blindly wandered."

Comments from others:

"I’ve been trying to understand this all my life; you have really figured it out." -Charles Thompson, Sun City Center, FL

"…marvelous, succinct, right on target, the right message at the right time." -Jean Mitchell, Ph.D., Annapolis, MD

"You have helped me to see the purpose of life for which I had been looking for many many years." -David Croud, Cambridge, MA

"This is it!" -Robert Beckwith, biologist, Boise, ID

"It is difficult to restrain myself from using too many words to impart the happiness with which the clarity, refinement, wisdom, knowledge and beauty of your mind and spirit flowing through the pages of your book has filled my being – as it has, I'm certain, done for all who have read it. There is so much to say when the core of one's being is moved so deeply; it is a miracle. Your book inspires and encourages – and there is great need of that.

"Those three rules, seven words, are a simple-to-remember mantra that will work. Everyone can do it. Everyone needs to hear it. When these rules become the main priority, the rest will follow. The world will become a friendly place. Believing this gives me renewed enthusiasm towards being alive. You have given me back my life. Sounds awfully dramatic. It is. It's more." -Marie Claude Désert, Gulfport, FL

"…elegant, lean and clear writing. The book is altogether beautifully done." -Cher Gilmore, Canton, GA

"…the simplest, most concise, most perfect definition of democracy I ever heard or read…I’m taken with your ability to take complex issues and make the message and solutions so simple and elegant." -David Mitchell, Annapolis, MD

"Liberating!" -Mary Allmann, Wausau, WI

"I cannot adequately express my admiration for your erudition and the lucidity of your writing. The content is really inspirational and compares to that of Conversations with God." -Sid Kobernick, M.D., Sarasota, FL

"I've read a ton of books on this general topic. This is the first time I've ever said to myself, "I wish I'd written that!" What an excellent treatise." -Lane Baldwin, Somerset, NJ

"As I read, re-read, ponder and re-ponder Joseph Simonetta's Seven Words That Can Change the World, I feel a surge of joy and release. Part of my lifelong existence has been wrapped around the Old and the New Testaments. To me the Seven Words... is a new New Testament...a New Testament for Our Times. It is not based upon violence, blood, mystery, fear, and uncertainty...the absolute opposite. In the course of my 82 years of life I have at times prayed most fervently for good things to happen. Mostly, nothing did...except by pure coincidence. Blessings from the application of the seven words I find are instant. I think of old Scrooge when he awoke from his dreams of Christmas. By his subsequent acts of kindness he saved himself and the world around him. I think he must have read Mr. Simonetta's Seven Words That Can Change the World." -John Schaut, Bradenton, FL

"I'm delighted to have found someone who has so clearly "essentialized" many of my own thoughts and emotions regarding the mess that "religion" and ignorant "separation" has contributed to in our shared world. Your recommendations, are indeed simple and powerful." -Bud Wilson, Boulder, CO

"In this time when anything is possible and nothing is certain we long for a sense of wholeness, a direction that we feel has depth and embraces everyone and everything. Seven Words That Can Change The World presents a simple and powerful vision that fills our yearning and provides an inclusive and ethical compass. This small treasure, described as a 1000 page book in 100 pages by a radio show host, provides a brilliant outline of the context of our current problems and three simple ideas that, if adopted, could truly lead us towards a positive and sustainable future. One can only hope this wonderful book finds a global audience who will put its message into action. Like other compassionate visionaries before him, Joe Simonetta truly cares about this world and his book is a demonstration of how each of us can truly make a difference." -Jeff Hutner, Ojai, CA

Brief Biography of Author:

Joe Simonetta (www.joesimonetta.com) holds a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School. He also studied at Yale Divinity School. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Colorado. He also studied architecture at the University of Southern California. He holds a B.S. in business from Penn State University.

Son of an immigrant blue-collar steelworker and his wife, born in a World War II housing project in Bethlehem, PA, Joe was raised in the shadows of the blast furnaces of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. He has since lived for significant amounts of time in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Greece, and New Zealand.

His rich life experiences, broad and unusual, encompass many fields. He has been a military officer, professional athlete, computer programmer, entrepreneur, businessman, architectural designer, environmental activist, twice a nominee for the U.S. Congress, and author of five books. He is the Senior Editor of the World Business Academy (www.worldbusiness.org).

Thank you for your time. Please forward this announcement (copy and paste if you can) to those who may have some interest in this book. Thank you and best wishes. Sincerely, Joe Simonetta jrsimonetta@home.com